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Resources available to people
outside of the food pantry
Florida SHINE - SHIP - SMP 

SHINE is a Florida Department of Elder Affairs program operated with your local Area Agency on Aging to provide information and assistance with:

  • Medicare eligibility, enrollment, and coverage options

  • Long-term planning

  • Prescription assistance resources

  • See their website for a full listing.


All services are free, objective and confidential.


For assistance, call 1-800-963-5337 or visit them at

COVID-19 Food Relief Community Resource Guide:
Pinellas County

This guide provides community members with the most up yo date information during the COVID-19 crisis. Click here to see the 5-page guide.



If you need a free ride, Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) buses are running with NO FARE COLLECTION effective March 19, 2020. Read more here.


WIC is healthy supplemental nutrition for moms, babies and toddlers. The WIC program provides healthy supplemental nutrition to pregnant and lactating women, infants and kids to the age of 5. Income limits are more generous than for other forms of assistance and a debit card loaded with benefits makes it easier to use it at the market. Check to see if you and your baby qualify and call for an appointment to speak with our staff.

The Pinellas County WIC operates from five main centers & one satellite office.

WIC & Nutrition Program utilizes advertising and marketing strategies to reach those who may be eligible for the program. Currently, the Pinellas County WIC & Nutrition Program provides services to approximately 14,000 participants each month. Each applicant must meet all federal eligibility requirements. Benefits issued from our sites are redeemable at participating local vendors

Each applicant must meet all federal eligibility requirements. Benefits issued from our sites are redeemable at participating local vendors.


WIC Appointment Line: 727-824-6914 
Participation in WIC saves public and private health care dollars by improving the health and nutrition of women, infants and children. WIC has been proven to improve the diets of pregnant and postpartum women and children. It has also been shown to reduce the incidence of low birth weight, infant mortality and anemia among WIC participants.


Who Is Eligible? 

  • You must be a pregnant woman, or a woman who has recently been pregnant, a breastfeeding mother, an infant, or a child under five years of age.

  • You must meet certain income guidelines

  • You must live in Florida

  • You must have a nutrition-related need, which will be determined by WIC staff.

  • You could be eligible if you or other family members are currently receiving Medicaid, WAGES, or Food Stamps. However, you do NOT have to be on a public assistance program to qualify for WIC.

Before eligibility is completed, WIC staff will verify your gross household income. You need to bring proof of household income so that the staff can determine your eligibility.

WIC Express 
The WIC Express is a faster way to check out when picking up benefits only. It is designed for participants who have completed all required paperwork to pick up benefits. The average check out time at these stations is about five minutes. This process saves participants time, especially those who are working and may use part of their lunch hour to pick up their benefits.


WIC Express Drive Thru (Mid-County location only) 
For even more convenience, the Mid-County WIC clinic has a drive-thru option when picking-up benefits only. All clients, regardless of which clinic they normally go to, are able to use the drive-thru when reloading their benefits. Please Note: The drive-thru is for benefit issuance only. Clients must come into the clinic for certifications, mid-certifications, food package changes and for any other services provided by WIC.


Where to Get Certified for WIC and Pick Up Benefits
Florida WIC app

WIC Nutrition & Health Resources 

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