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Who We Are
Who we are

The Beach Community Food Pantry serves all those in need of supplemental food within Indian Rocks Beach and the surrounding communities.

Your food is selected by you from a list of available items. Individuals can select staples, vegetables and meats to their taste.

No one is turned away.

What we do

Individuals that come to the Beach Community Food Pantry will receive food from a wide variety of healthy food choices during the current pandemic. One person per household may visit once every other week and receive a 3-4 day supply of food. Once a month they can also receive a pre-packaged bag containing about 13 USDA items.

We are also a certified pet food pantry. Please inquire if you have a pet.

Our history

The Beach Community Food Pantry opened its doors in 2004 serving 35 people per week, and now has grown to serving over 230 individuals and 545 family members per month. In December 2017, people started to participate in a USDA program to receive one additional bag of food each month.

Over the years, local civic groups, businesses, and individuals have contributed to this growth by donating money, food, and time. The pantry is open to all people in need of food. Each person is treated with dignity and respect.

Who we serve

At the end of 2021, the Beach Community Food Pantry distributed food to 500 individuals living in 24 communities. In 2021, we provided food to 158 new people that came to our food pantry.

Some interesting facts about the people we serve:


  • 18% are disabled

  • 33% are unemployed

  • 15% are employed

  • 55% are female

  • 48% are single

  • 51% are age 60 or greater

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