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12/19/2018: Students donate pet food

Pets have become a part of our families. That is why the Beach Community Food Pantry (BCFP) tries to have pet food on hand to distribute to pet owners that come to the pantry. However, we often run short of this item due to the demand.

Students at Richard O. Jacobson Technical High School at Seminole, also known as Tech High, partnered with the pantry with the goal to collect 200 cans or packages of pet food. To their surprise and joy, the students exceeded their goal. Representatives delivered the food and toured the pantry on December 19.

BCFP thanks the Tech High students and staff that participated in this event. Their generosity will be remembered by the people that receive food for their hungry pets.

About Tech High from their website,

"Richard O. Jacobson Technical High School at Seminole (Tech High) offers Pinellas County high school students the opportunity to step out of their normal high school day and into classes which offer a unique, "real world" style education. Hands-on learning combines with academic know-how to help equip students with job skill advantages right out of high school.

Our mission at Tech High at Seminole is to help prepare students for the world of work and post secondary education through training and experiences which provide relevant job readiness skills and prepare all students for employment."

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