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2/12/2020 Food For Sharing


Once again our partners at Publix and Home Depot have come through to help the Beach Community Food Pantry feed those in our community who need assistance.

Many of you may be familiar with the Publix, Food For Sharing program. Twice each year, in April and September (and for 2019 only, in November as well), Publix solicits donations from their clients when they check out with the cashier. Generally the FFS program runs for two weeks. All of the donations received during the program are used to purchase various non-perishable for donation to local food pantries. Calvary has been blessed to be the recipient of a portion of these donations over the past few years.

We normally receive a substantial quantity of peanut butter, jelly, instant mashed potatoes, soup, pasta sauce, mac and cheese, canned green beans and fruit, all of which are staples of our inventory.

The two pallets of these donated food items are delivered to our local Publix store but we are on our own to get those pallets to the pantry. That is where our friends at Home Depot, Largo, step in. Pro Department Supervisor, Drew Lane, along with one or more helpers, load the pallets onto one of their rental trucks and deliver them to BCFP. They also help us unload and stock the large number of cases of food.

It is with the outreach of support from the donors, to Publix, to Home Depot and to our BCFP volunteers, that we are able to supply our clients with the food they need to keep ‘food insecurity’ at bay.

Thank you Publix and Home Depot for your wonderful donation of time and food!

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